Fire damage in a house

  Fire Damage Services

Fire damage restoration involves many components. It cannot undo the emotional damage and loss that often comes from a serious house fire. You cannot necessarily restore your pictures or a lifetime of memories and possessions, and there is always the inconvenience of having to find other accommodations.

Fortunately fire damage restoration does more than just restore the condition of your home. It is about safety. You can always slap on a new coat of paint and make your house look nice again, but with fire damage services you may see serious damage to the structure of the house as well as build up of char, dust, and other things that can actually damage your health and wellness of any future occupants.

Fire damage goes well beyond burning items:

  • Ash and smoke can continue to cause damage and corrosion to materials if they are left behind.
  • Odors from smoke will stay in a room or a home long after the fire and continue to cause problems if they are not removed.
  • In a few minutes, walls and other surfaces can be discolored.
  • In a few hours, finishes on kitchen appliances turn yellow.
  • Smoke causes etching in glass after just a short time, and smoke will tarnish metal quickly.

Not all fire damage is the same. Our fire restoration process is thorough and proven. It includes:

  • Identifying the source to determine the type of fire that occurred
  • Evaluating the areas that are wet as a result of firefighting that may need treatment
  • Remediating water damage and mold
  • Evaluating sensitive materials that may be damaged as a result of smoke and soot particles
  • Removing contents from the home, including:
    - Collecting immediate items you may need for the next seven days such as clothing, prescriptions, toys, school books, business needs, etc
    - Packing out the remaining contents for cleaning and storage
  • Performing structural restoration, including:
    - Removing any charred contents that may seal in smoke such as insulation and burned wood
    - Evaluating carpets and floor coverings that may need to be removed
    - Inspecting the framing of the house and subfloors for safety
    - Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors and sealing to keep any leftover odors from leaking back into the house
  • Cleaning, eliminating odors and deodorizing surfaces to pre-loss condition
  • Returning items to the original location and helping to restore your normal life

As certified fire remediation experts, we will use the most advanced processes and equipment in the industry and apply systematic best practices honed over the 20-plus years we’ve been in the business. We put the highest value on open communication and customer service and document the entire fire damage restoration process.

We will get your home back to the original condition it was before the fire, and with the minimal loss of your property. Our technicians will get your businesses repaired, and back up to code, and operational in as little time as possible. Call Us Today 888-261-5417

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